Do Androids Dream of Electric Blankets?

When does it become common knowledge how to reduce building energy consumption by 80%, at the same cost, compared to the building code?

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Here's what I don't understand: Depending on how you account for it, 40-60% of our energy goes to powering buildings, yet very little is said about how buildings fit into the energy puzzle. If we're going to meet our end of century emissions targets, the full life cycle of energy production will need to be addressed.  As the chief consumers of energy, we have to talk seriously about our buildings. And we need to talk seriously about the best opportunity to change a buildings performance: design. As an architect it surprises me to learn that I have so much influence over long term outcomes. It surprises, no, it flabbergasts me, that this is all a surprise to my engineers. Yet, besides building owners, we design professionals have the most leverage to change this predicament. And who do the building owners rely on to get this done?  Us. So, if it's not routine knowledge for me as an architect that I can radically change the outcome in the year 2100, who can we as a species rely on?  I believe it is up to us.