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If it weren't for the carbon crisis, I'd be designing buildings that invite the outside in and the inside out. If it weren't for the suffering of people everywhere, I'd be adding to the song of space, the art of nature and the presence of place. If it weren't for the pressing forces of commerce, I'd make places people enjoy, feel safe living in and invigorated to work and play in. Oh. Wait. Screw the melodramatics. We can do both.
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Where Are You Workin?

Landwave Commercial Architecture: Fast. Right. Done.

Architect of Record services for commercial, non-profit and government clients.  
I am fierce about getting codes and best practices right. Landwave quality control techiques have been used to develop code enforcement branches, quality control and quality assurance programs. Construction documents are concise, accurate and thorough. Contractors even like me.
Fast Turnaround
Investments in survey, design and production techniques allow large scale, rapid deployments for commmercial and government alike.
Energy & Environment
Life cycle thinking is in Landwave's DNA. Long term thinking and planning are the fundamentals of energy and environmental design. Landwave is a consciously renovation based practice specializing in retrofitting existing facilities, conserving sunk costs and land use. We have experience providing long run operational guidance for large facilities owners. This give us unique leverage in the architectural community to provide best practice techniques focused on operational stability, keeping energy costs, land and material use down.


My firm offers ala carte or full service designer of record services.
Diligence Services
  • Facilities Programming
  • Field Survey
  • Regulatory Research
Design Services
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Docs Virginia only
  • Construction Administration
Post Occupancy Services
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation & Operational Consulting
  • Independent Quality Assurance
  • System Automation
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Facilities Asset Managment
  • Quality Standards Development
  • Construction Management Program Development


Registered Architect, Virginia No. 8495
My Resume
Use my resume on your commercial and government rollout proposals.
AE Rollout Capability Statement


Bill Hawkins
CEO, Healthcare Systems Federal Credit Union
Al Moore
Allen Moore & Associates
John Donnelly
Director Space Leasing, US Bureau of Census
Dan Morrissey
Owners Representative
Robert Cox
Senior Engineer, Washington Headquarters Services

Now. Turn Around. What Do You See?

Landwave Residential Design

There's something wonderful about your home. Let's keep that part and make the rest of it just as wonderful.

Carpe Somnium: Homes For Real Living

You have a dream about home, a place with a very specific physical and emotional character. To make that home means conveying those sometimes elusive characteristics into floors, walls, windows, doors and roofs. The trick is to keep the essence of the dream during the demanding technical constraints of building design and construction. Many people will help make this dream a reality. But none of them is in a position to ask what your home means to you in lucid, rich detail, then fight for that dream when a dozen other compromises loom. No other vendor can flex like I can to preserve that essence regardless of the conditions of the soils, the cabinets, the paints or the budgets. Architectural practice is an orderly process that brings that dream into greater and greater focus. The steps are specifically intended to discover, nurture and express that passionate dream of home nestled deep within your SOUL to the craftsmen who will make it a reality.
Barefoot Homes
If you are about to build a home, I insist you check out the "Not So Big House" series by Sarah Susanka. It is essential reading for our time. In concise terms she encourages us to make great use of space and that bigger does not equal better. When you want a better car, you don't set your sights on an 18 wheeler. Instead you look for smart use of spaces to rejuvenate and connect.
We grab lunch and walk through interesting urban spaces. There's no agenda, no pressure. Just time to borrow my eyes and see for yourself what's possible. This is not an extra service. It's just part of making great places.
Pictures, along with the diagrams, help you make better decisions. To make awesome spaces, we need to make solid decisions. Renderings make for better decisions and are part of our package, not extra.
The Build vs Buy Decision
This is a big moment in your life. Probably the second largest financial decision after buying your home in the first place. I offer an indepenedent voice to help you balance the decision to renovate, move, or in the case of a couple of my clients, just upgrade and edit what you have.
Energy & Environment
The fundamental basis for energy and environmental design is long term thinking and planning. Landwave is naturally life-cycle oriented and consciously renovation based practice specializing in retrofitting existing facilities conserving sunk costs and land use.
Zoning, Codes, & Quality
For three decades, I've worked with builders and building officials to make places happen. That experience gives me perspective on the problems that bring anxieties down and safety up. Construction documents are concise, accurate and thorough. Contractors even like me.

For Our Real Estate, Developer and General Contracting Professionals

You have extensive experience working in the industry. You know what works and what doesn't. You need permit drawings ... yesterday. Done.


  • Pre-design
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Docs
  • Construction Administration


Registered Architect, Virginia No. 8495
Registered architects are independent of contractors and manufacturers. You can explore ideas without pressure.


Chuck Pill
Amanda Lloyd
Michele Esposito
Tammy & Mitch Jones