You hold a lot of power to make a better world. I’m here to help you unleash it.

Hi. I’m Frank Ebbert. For three decades I’ve been busy delivering buildings for clients big and small. I’m an architect, technology advocate and program manager because I’m comfortable with complex problems that demand quality, integrity and character. In 2009 those motivations evolved.

My parents worked hard to give me better than they had. It’s a given I’m concerned about my children’s future. It’s a given I will do my best to give them better than I’ve had. But in what way? If I’m concerned about ocean health, and I’m an architect, how can I make a better future?

The love of learning, open minded discussion and concern for others were gifts from my parents. I used those gifts to build an understanding that widespread electrification during the twentieth century was a triumph improving conditions for many. They also allowed an understanding to analyze and bear the burden of the trade offs and still conclude that it was a worthwhile endeavor.

In the twenty first century those burdens are impacting my kids. Landwave’s mission has evolved from environmental stewardship through renovations, generalized efficiency and orderly deployment to include two other major factors: zero emissions technologies and conscientious decision making. Both require life cycle approaches to problem solving. Full circle.

I won’t solve any of the burdens by myself, or even in my lifetime. But I can aid those around me and lift up the coming generations to make better trade offs for their kids as I am making for my own.


Frank is a long term independent thinker concerned about how his kids and their peers will contend with stewarding the planet.

Registered as an architect for over 25 years, by the mid 90’s Frank was running mergers and acquisitions renovation programs for national commercial clients. He was the National CAD Director for Little and Associates, a 700-person architecture firm. During that time, he ushered Walmart’s facilities deployment program into the digital age.

Landwave was founded in 2001 to serve design clients with candid optimism about developing smarter, sleeker, more efficient methods to develop buildings, to help focus technical services to better support positive experiences. Frank has served residential and commercial clients including the Pentagon facilities and the US Census Bureau.

At the Pentagon, Frank spent a decade evaluating facility operations and construction services and initiated several long-term programs. He is currently working as senior advisor for program, design, and quality management for his second US Census Bureau Decennial. In this capacity, he is collaborating with hundreds of owners and architects to build out spaces for the 10-year census count in the United States.

Frank is deeply invested in innovating solutions to climate change, environmental stewardship, and planetary boundaries. His work has been narrowing toward this topic for nearly two decades, and his children have inspired his increased commitment to sustainable changemaking.

In the near term he wants to contribute to keeping the benefits of electrification without the burdens of it. He is currently leveraging his rollout experience to enable widespread adoption of zero emissions facilities. In the long term, he’s invested in raising a generation that can hold several complicated pieces together and make beneficial decisions. It’s not just that he’s concerned about his kids today. He’s concerned about the concerns they will have and the leverage they will find over their own challenges.

Frank lives and drums in Arlington, Virginia.


Principal, Landwave AE


• Little & Associates (now Little Diversified)
• Rebecca Hubbard Architects
• Einhorn, Yaffee, Prescott
• DLP & Associates
• Kelso & Easter


Commercial – Large & Small Capital Programs
Government – US Federal




Bach. of Architecture
Virginia Tech, College of Architecture

Engineering Studies
Northern Virginia Community College


Registered Architect, Virginia No. 8495


BOC Training
Severn High School
Association of Science & Tech Centers Conference, 2012, 2013, 2014


John Donnelly, US Census Bureau
Geoff Rolat, US Census Bureau

Frank Fanning, Managing Partner, OPS Group LLC

Kate Cushman, Project Manager, NET
Marc Otterback, Copper River
Betsy Arnette, Ph.D., Myar Solutions

Bill Hawkins, CEO, Healthcare Systems Federal Credit Union
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