Clear the air,

at scale.


Over the next ten years, will the greenhouse emissions of your facilities footprint be zero? How will you know? Simply put, by balancing your energy consumption with non-emissions sources. And exactly how will you do that? It's simple ... and it's complicated. We can help your management, operations, finance, contracting, design and construction teams achieve it.

We are systems thinkers at Landwave. We are comfortable with complex environments and sorting competing requirements to configure facilities to meet your missions. We've done it for retrofit programs as large as 350 discrete sites, 20 million SF campuses, national retailers and most recently an $80m program to outfit 250 offices in 18 months.

If the science, ethics and market energies are even half right, then your projects are essential to putting out the global conflagration that is climate change.

We have confidence our skills are valuable during this transformation to environmentally sustainable economies. So we look forward to applying our experience to your successful zero emissions programs.

Let us help you clear our air and get your facilities footprint to zero.


Build better.

That's all you need to do.


We are shooting for 3kWh/SF. The tech is fairly straight-forward and completely within your control as a building owner. There are now too many instances of high efficiency buildings, of every type, new and retrofit, built for comparable costs to ignore.

From there, if you can add non-fossil fuel power generation on your own site, you're done. If not, then work with other stakeholders in your community, namely governments and utilities.

We have decades experience working new requirements into facilities programs. And we may be the right fit for you too. Happy to help.

Much more importantly to us we hope you will explore high efficiency buildings and see for yourself how you can make a sizeable difference in eliminating emissions while building thriving organizations.


How it works.

Seems simple. Work a couple of line items into the budget, the design specs, construction and commissioning and be done. Fair enough.

However. High-efficiency buildings offer a chance to rethink basic strategic assumptions. Capital budget and finance. Workforce health outcomes. Acquisitions, design and construction incentives and practices. Facilities operations and maintenance. Potential shifts in thinking across an organization sets up a more enduring long-term strategy.

This is typical for Landwave projects - clearing the air as an organizational outcome. Our value is clarifying and streamlining how buildings serve your needs. We're even satisfied if you don't need them at all.