Updated First Floor on Club Pond Lane

Spring afternoon, all lights off, light color scheme.

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First round of renders for the redesigned ground floor. This are taken on a spring afternoon. All the lighting has been turned off to test the way natural light works in this layout.

One error off the top is the color of the doors - they are gray. Next renders will update to trim colors.

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No. 01 - Front Door looking to the right. The stair railings are updated to match the basement. The new door leads to the 1/2 bath. The tall wood grill covers the return grill. The existing "cased opening" is now gone and we have a glimpse of the Family Room beyond.

Afternoon Lights Off - 220305 - 00

No. 02 - At the opening between the Living Room and the Family Room, we have get our first glimpse of the updated kitchen. The coloring in this scheme is pale wood and white marble countertops. I noticed during our last conversation you had a sample of this beautiful marble with really interesting reddish features. That set the pace for the whole color scheme. You can also see the flooring has been lightened and now runs the full length of the kitchen and Dining area.

Afternoon Lights Off - 220305 - 01

No. 03 - From the doors to the screened porch we view the Dining Area. The sitting room beyond makes its first appearance. Notice the trim. It's all replaced with taller boards to match the wood base in the basement.

Afternoon Lights Off - 220305 - 02

No. 04 - Across the dining table.

Afternoon Lights Off - 220305 - 03

No 05 - Detail of the shelving in the corner. The side and ceiling mounted panels unify the entire L-shaped section of cabinets. Another image to come is the lighting on the shelves.

Afternoon Lights Off - 220305 - 04

No. 06 - From the door leading to the deck.

Afternoon Lights Off - 220305 - 05

No. 7 - From the Stove back to the Dining and Family areas.

Afternoon Lights Off - 220305 - 06

No. 08 - Straight on shot of the refrigerator and pantry cabinets. The notion for the wraparound came from the structure around the Ikea wardrobes in the Basement. A drawer style microwave is tucked in the island.

Afternoon Lights Off - 220305 - 07

No. 09 - The sun catches the bank of cabinets in the island.

Afternoon Lights Off - 220305 - 08

No. 10 - Entering the Sitting Area from the Kitchen. I'm not sold on the dark wall. I experimented with a full size built-in for shoes and coats, but it was too big. Another iteration will be along soon.

Afternoon Lights Off - 220305 - 09

No. 11 - The long view to the Living Room relaxes the formal nature of the previous design. The base cabinets here were intended to primarily be a coffee and tea station with bar sink. However, after removing the wall to the Stairs, I'm questioning the length, especially since, in this iteration of design, a strong design for drop area, coats, shoes has not bee identified.

Afternoon Lights Off - 220305 - 10

No. 12 - From the Garage Door facing the Sitting Room bay window, not much has changed.

Afternoon Lights Off - 220305 - 11

No. 13 - A look back at the Kitchen from the Garage Door.

Afternoon Lights Off - 220305 - 12

No 14 - A look to the left when coming in the Front Door.

Afternoon - Lights Out - 220305 1100 -13 - Final Color Output-TpDn