“Joy & Discovery, Dude”

Under the hood is the engine of optimism.

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From an appreciation of Allen Toussaint on today's New Yorker website: http://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/the-true-gladness-of-allen-toussaint?intcid=mod-latest You'll find I don't shy away from some pretty heavy topics. I think it's sometimes jarring to friends and colleagues. One minute I'm being polite, maybe playful, the next I'm dropping heavy life themes like crumbs from crackers. And God help you if I get on a tear about subjects I've studied.  Underneath it all though you'll find the essence of my existence. The one thing I value more than anything else in this life. Recently I've titled it "make, play, connect."  Those of you who know me well might suggest the title of this post suits me better.