Bucket List

Work left to do

Legible Cities
credit to Eli Kuslansky for introducing the movement.
  • Reorg for good
  • Building Flir maps
  • Your Home in 200 years
  • River conditions lights sensors
  • Agriculture sensors 
  • Wind Turbine Sculptures
  • Exhibits on building power consumption
  • Rain screen math
  • Rain screen demonstrations
  • Building power consumption math
  • Budapest Four Seasons: the bridges over the Danube in the four seasons. Two down, two left to go. 
  • Beached Spacecraft:  a concept art series of adaptive reuse of faster that light objects. 
  • Colossus: A Legible Cities project revealing the nerve structure of a giant laid across a 10 x 25 block area in a major metropolitan city. 
    • Wind Turbines
    • Solar Arrays
    • Cellular Towers
    • Evening Road Project Lighting