Landwave Does Less

We don’t do a lot of things our competitors do.

LANDWAVE DOES LESS In the residential design business we don't do a lot of things out competitors do. Our offering list is modest: we help you create a great design and visualize it for your friends, family and the contractor. That's it. We can offer those other services - heavy detailing in construction documentss, permit drawings and construction administration. But frankly it's not what you need us for. There are plenty of lower cost alternatives for those services.  The toughest part of your project is the part we do better than anyone - make your whole design rock. It's something only architects can do. Home Depot kitchen designers can't help you make a smooth flowing graceful floor plan from front porch through outdoor room. Neither can our favorite storage vendor The Container Store. And we love our contracting colleagues, just ask some of the contractors who've worked with. We create an environment where you can really express yourself. Where you can show us what makes your heart sing and then we can give them a picture to build from. Actually several pictures good enough for sound estimating and quality assurance.  Inspired by 37 Signals book Rework