Get The Picture

Notes on making software fly.


Mapping Your Information Ecology

Getting you organized takes on the character of outfitting an expedition. We track down the information you need to be good at what you do. We then build a life-cycle model of that information. We figure out who produces, who consumes, when and for what reasons. At that point we can design displays for producers and consumers.

We move onto workflow engineering, data modelling and develop data dictionaries. This is the information your engineers need to deliver progress. As a result you can make much better choices about the software you need. You also have a much better handle on how to direct not only software vendors, but your teams of producers and consumers.

Project Method
Getting you organized to take advantage of tech is an iterative cycle of exploring your needs and surveying how to achieve them. I generally follow a standard iterative design project model starting with addressing foundational needs then moving onto details. This is not “waterfall” project modelling nor is it strictly Agile. It’s a rapid pace inventory of your current environment and picture of your needs. Our work prepares you for interacting with vendors.

Work Products
Deliverables cover the gamut from documenting your current practices to modelling workflows to software roadmaps and deployment quality assurance. User interface modelling, form and report design, chart and illustration mockups are all part and parcel of our daily activities.