Typography Studies

I love typography. I hate fonts.

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Vox Primer - Sans Serifs - Page 1 Vox Primer - Serifs - Page 1 Vox Primer Layout Design - Page 1 Serif Anatomy - Page 1       One of the most aggravating experiences in the Windows environment is fonts. Palatino Linotype and Bookman Old Style are the exact same type face. Arial and Helvetica are decidedly not. And what on earth is DotumChe? If all I did was make the occasional change from Verdana to Times, I might not care so much. But this is not my use case. Injury to insult, my boot times and system performance are impacted by having all of these fonts loaded. There has got to be a better way. Until one comes along, I took some time to indulge my love of type. I learned everything I could. The intent was to organize the files, eliminate duplicates and unwanted faces. I read countless web sites, auditioned a dozen font management tools. Along the way I stumbled upon the Vox sorting system, proposed and apparently abandoned. I took a crack at placing my collections into these categories. I prepared a handful of graphics to chronicle my findings.┬áThe exercise was fun, informative, very nerdy and decidedly useless. I still have over 500 fonts on my system.