Asset Management Roadmap

Going from disorganized to high performance takes a while.

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Why are asset management initiatives for this federal client not producing results? Among the contributing causes, initiatives were out of sync. A business unit would work hard, ask tough questions, make changes. But their efforts fell short when their goals depended on others making changes too. Why were these business units not coordinated? Where was the plan that mapped out the dependencies and sequence of events? What are the contributions of individual business units? What would a roadmap of an asset management program look like? Most important of all: how will this facility management team excel at managing resources? For this organization, the stakes are on the order of $8 billion in facilities with a $250 million annual operating budget. Accounting for those expenses without coordinated initiatives means errors, losses and painful accounting. This graphic illustrates an asset management program lifecycle. It shows significant events, outcomes and participants needed to build and advance capability. It combines a broad, strategic view with business unit task detail. We are not big on precanned graphics here. Nor do we get much satisfaction from most business diagrams. They rarely clarify the issues. We take a different approach. We make diagrams that feel more like maps, with accuracy and rich detail that doesn't overwhelm our readers. Managers and Analysts may note there are no definitive durations. This edition of the plan is pre-validation for the objectives and sequencing. This document is our tool for facilitating that validation. Information Designers, the challenge of this graphic is to speak to managers from a variety of disciplines.