Why Houzz

Why Houzz

May 14, 2012
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Houzz works. It does exactly what I need it to do: offer inspirations I can scrapbook, comment on, collaborate over and share with my colleagues and clients. I do the exact same thing with my hard copy library. The desktop interface is deft, efficient and complete.

The site would be nowhere without the content though. Houzz’s advantage is the volume and quality of contributors. If the content had been, say, 30% less, it wouldn’t be as useful. Ditto quality. Pros have been stocking and curating this. That makes a big difference in the consistency and fidelity of ideas. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate a collection of well composed images in telling the story of designing a simple staircase.

If you’re a home design or construction pro, or a homeowner looking to design, Houzz is a wonderful, useful resource. It won’t–and shouldn’t–be your only resource. It will be a reliable one.


Feature Requests
. iPhone App: would like to edit my ideabook notes.
. Predefined fields and guidelines for attributions. I have dozens of hard copy resources I don’t dare scan and post because I’m hazy on attribution and copyright. If there was a sensible way to protect and share, that could be really wonderful.
. Though perhaps better suited as a companion site(s), it would be wonderful to use this tool suite for technical information such as building code tips, green resourcing and best planning practices. In other words, co-opt the international Code Council, Dwell, USGBC and Taunton Press as contributors.
. Tag menus. I have the same issue w twitter and tumblr. I love tags, use them frequently. I hate developing them. I hate finding out I tagged things with slight variations–porch and porches for instance. Someone get smart about this. Soon. Please?

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