INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CRAFTING, ADOPTION AND INTEGRATION is a deceptively complex undertaking. Variances in needs, software literacy, terminology and outcomes places acute demands on systems developers.  Strategies for authoring, parsing and presenting data are diverse and community responses vary to the point that, at times, efficacy seems arbitrary. It can be difficult to get information project sponsors to effectively settle on the direction for information systems programs.

Similarly, facilities architecture is a massive systems integration activity.  Every day we bring together a lot of participants and a lot of moving parts to craft specific outcomes.  Facilities architecture requires a staggering amount of imagination and creativity – fine arts, engineering and decision making – to bring together requirements from a wide variety of stakeholders to serve multiple, often conflicting, needs and aspirations.  We have one shot at every project because second chances are very, very expensive. In buildings, version two-point-oh is hard to come by.

Architecture is a high stakes endeavor with very little tolerance for error. The practice is built to minimize the risks.  Basic architectural project services include extensive project management, interdisciplinary coordination, strong visualization, writing, communication, quality management and financial planning skills.  When executed well, this combination of skills ensures incremental testing steers outcomes to intended results.

I have been taking these skills to the information systems community for over 20 years.  I have designed systems for a 700 person architecture firm, one of the worlds largest retailers and the folks managing the largest building in the world.  I’ve built information displays, interfaces, databases, websites, not to mention a ton of scripts for everyday drafting work.  And I have built a great deal of the operational prerequisites for successful IS deployments:  from requirements analysis and standard operating procedures all the way to business strategy and policy.

There are all kinds of applications for my skill sets waiting to be tapped.  Lets have a damn good conversation about it and put me to work making your decision-making systems better.




Recent Information Services
Information architecture for public and specialty audiences, from presentation in print and digital to underlying data structures.

Software development services in web (HTML, CSS, JS) and application programming interfaces (eg, LISP, actionscript, VBA) for use in prototyping and digital production environments.

A list of specific projects is here.