Application Customizations

RAINMETER SKINS: Show Me, a sizeable image gallery compatible with the Enigma Rainmeter skin.

AUTOCAD SCRIPTS: Dozens of AutoLISP routines for everyday drafting

FIREWORKS PANELS: Flash based panels for resizing, cropping, color management

MSO MACROS: Various VBA functions for routine activities.



LCO QA ASSIGNMENT & PROGRESS MONITORING: MS Access DB to generate daily reports of LCO QA Progress.


CSS & JS Routines

TEXT CAROUSEL: For swapping text headlines on refresh of HTML pages. Hack of image swaps.

IMAGE ROLLOVERS: Using pure CSS – the Ebbert hack for this lightweight and versatile tool.


Web Design

BLINK:  Business website for event production company.  Design, artwork, copy, HTML, and CSS.

COVA:  Non-profit organization website.  Design, art direction, most copy, HTML, CSS

CHINOOK SYSTEMS, INC:  Business website for facilities systems commissioning company. Design, art direction, copy, HTML, CSS, JS

ARCHITECTURAL PROJECT PAGES:  HSFCU   PA  PK  Various displays of images and project status.  Design, art direction, copy, HTML, CSS, JS


Information Structures

PENTAGON OMNI CLASS Implementation Design

ARCHITECTURAL COMPONENT ORG: for reusable components in architectural design practice.  Multiple representations for the smallest elements to full assemblies.  Masterformat and Uniformat implementations.

WALMART ROLLOUT SYSTEM DESIGN workflow and strategy for deploying 90% completed architectural docs to local architects where Walmart builds.

ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE: Business modelling for federal facilities organization and its parent organization.



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