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You don’t want just a home.  You want a place to share with others, to create personal achievements.  You don’t want an app, or a maintenance management system, you want an awesome, high performing operation that your customers love.  You don’t want just a website, or drawings or a sale, you want a great story to tell about all of it.  I want a great story to tell about how Landwave helped solve environmental and social issues effectively and playfully.

Every day science, art, nature and our own motivations meet in a mashup of activity. When it’s all said and done, it’s not about the buildings, the gardens, the cites or the apps. It’s about how they affect us, what we do with them and what they mean to us.

These physical elements exist in a continuum of experience.  We use apps to connect with each other and to connect with the phenomena of our lives. Everyday we meet, we work, we play, we eat and we learn in places.  Sometimes apps and places are purpose-built for these intentions.  Just as often, we improvise with the tools and spaces at hand.

We argue that purpose built and improvised tools share the same origin: the creative impulse to improve our experience.  This is the theory of our technological advancements whether social, playful, industrial or medical. So how intentional are we about accounting for the experiences of our building occupants, site visitors, or tool users? How much gusto do we bring to the table? Are we really advancing their experience, their investigations, their adventures, their lives?

In our practice, experience matters.  Meaning and narrative are not only essential to answering the questions of efficacy, but are essential to our existence.  Which is why we treat experience as the WHY of design.

Inquire about our services that help account for this essential yet hard to quantify element.


Recently Applied Experience Services

. Organizational transformation and optimization services using facilitation and best practices frameworks for business units catering to high stakeholder expectations.

. Business process analysis, improvement and reengineering for individual processes and whole families of related activities.

. Work aids, references, form and report design in print and digital formats for business management, analysis and process execution. Enter data right the first time and get meaningful answers out quickly.

High quality renderings to help people envision their spaces in advance of very expensive construction.

Walking tours of spaces to help people understand how variations on light, color and texture make a difference in the experience of place.