Adding mission management to your team.

Landwave is a sole proprietorship registered in Arlington, Virginia.  We operate, as all architecture firms do, as a consultancy.  We act as the prime contractor and subcontract the necessary expertise for our projects.

However, because we are dedicated to meeting your outcomes, we relish in being able to offer our services as a subcontractor.  If you are an Owner and like what you see here, we can subcontract with your existing vendors to reduce the contracting fuss of hiring a prime.  If you are a vendor, you can benefit from our expertise easily.

We are excited to audition credit card payments later this year as a way to expedite acquisition and payment. And speaking of that, our rates are extremely flexible and competitive.  If our hourly rates seem daunting, our overall project numbers will surprise you.

Inquire to see how it all works.  Let’s build better.



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