A Clean, Fast Computer

A Clean, Fast Computer

November 17, 2012
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I have some pretty fast machines for the money I spent.  But they are still computers, with operating systems.  Yeah.  I say that like everyone should know the implications.

Sorry. Let’s try another tack.

A car is still a car.  No matter how reliable and trouble free, the tires wear out, the battery goes, the oil needs to be changed.  Similarly, if you spend any time on the Internet,  computers accumulate all kinds of gunk under the hood so to speak. Every time you visit a web site, your browser places images, cookies, data sets in temporary locations on your hard drive.  Over time, these files will slow your performance.  You can fix that.

There’s a handy tool that does a fine job of this called CCleaner.  I highly recommend it for residential and small commercial operations. Download it from http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner.

Once installed, this is the Cleaning screen:

There are other handy things you can do, like clean the registry and disable various pesky programs that run in the background like Adobe’s “helpful” functions that just bring your machine to a crawl.

Thanks for asking Patricia!


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