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500 Office Designs Reviewed in 4 Months, 2010 Census

November 10, 2013
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places - 2010 Census GraphicEvery ten years, the US Census Bureau does an official count of the general US population.  We all get a paper form that requests some basic information about us.  For those of us who don’t return the form, the Census Bureau is required to follow up, in person.  The following up is known as NRFU, (nar*foo, non-response follow-up.  Seriously.)

NRFU is performed by temporary workers operating from over 500 cities in the US.  Every morning for 6 months, these workers pick up forms and addresses from a local Census office, knock on doors and return in the evening with results.  The US Census Bureau has 6-8 months to lease, design, build and outfit them all.  This is what we call a tenant interiors roll-out.

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