Valuing Ideas vs Content vs Experiences

May 27, 2012
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Jonah Lehrer points out that early copyright law created the notion that ideas are valuable. The claim of the legal world is that ideas are valuable enough to provide legal protection. But this is a tricky point. I’d like to know if the economic data bears that out.

Someone help me attribute this story.  An author is challenged that his material is not unique.  “I could have written that.” goes the challenge.  The author responds, “Perhaps you could have written this, sir. But you didn’t. I did.” In this case, our author makes an interesting point: he delivered.  His response accepts that the idea was not inherently unique. Perhaps many people had the same thought, the same idea. But it was our author who wrote, packaged and delivered the idea in a manner that others valued.  Valued enough to pay for it.

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