build better

The design problems you face need a fresh approach. You need an organized mind, thoughtful design and respectful, playful attitude. You need someone who not only respects your intentions, but understands them well enough to fold and bend design. You need an improbable combination of skills.  You need an architect with benefits.

That’s me.

Consider some moments of design:

observe    listen   experience    

choose   prepare   detail

deploy   flow   chronicle

Design is a very human activity.  All of us design every day. We arrange elements to do something, sometimes better, and occasionally brilliant.

Why we build, what we build, are rarely trivial concerns. And in larger projects, issues as far flung as ocean health, globalization, information technology, personal manufacturing and quality experiences are blending with issues we’ve already mastered: shelter, organization, efficacy, safety. The whole point of design is to build better life. And that often requires thoughtful integration of multiple components, some of which aren’t obvious.

Ours is a time of improbable combinations.